Monthly Archives: February 2016

Repeat x 27

My friend went to a church in the U.S. He stood in the sung worship and  counted that the phrase Let it rain, let it rain, Open the floodgates of Heaven. Was repeated 27 times. I may have the exact number wrong but it was 20+.  Why do we repeat single phrases ad nauseum?  Does it matter? Should a song have verses and a chorus, just verses, deep theology, a simple melody, a strong tune? …

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4 things I learnt in Toronto

I don’t like the word prayer. I don’t even like the word “pray” coming off my own lips. It feels like a word that has been wrung out and left meaningless on the scrap heap of my creative mind. “Jesus, I pray for…” What does that even mean? I’ve lost touch. I don’t like hearing that from my lips, but when I hear the same phrase from someone to whom it mean the world, I …

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