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So what do we do now?

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Tragic Decision Making

It’s not a day to celebrate. There is a time to mourn. Our local battles with sickness and struggles with change, The national shock of an elected representative brutally murdered. The scaremongering and disalusion over our referendum. The terrible hate crime in Orlando, ongoing war and pain worldwide.   How then shall we live?   This was going to be a blog about decision making, an attack on Christian fatalism. In the light of such …

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Rhythm Refection 4: Re-Create

In Transformed, Chapter 12 is devoted to the rhythm of re-creation. There’s the stuff about working from rest, how the first day of creation for humanity is the day of rest. How the commandment to rest is on a par with murder, theft and adultery, I love the line about “i’ll work on my theft and murder in the new year and try to make time to cut it down.” We talk that way about …

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