Monthly Archives: December 2017

Stop for the 1, Pray for 3, Believe God is In You. 

I’m often in groups of church leaders praying and planning for cities to be changed and huge revival; big hairy audacious goals. I love it! When leaders dream and envision it all comes down to what we all do. For a city to be changed for 100’s and thousands to be saved takes: 2 things being done daily by everyone. 1 thing to be believed daily by everyone.  When I wake up each morning and …

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Jesus the Host: an Advent Reflection

Advent: the season of preparation. This isn’t going be one of those Christian rants about how commercialised Christmas is and all the problems that I have with it. I don’t expect anyone who isn’t already a follower of Jesus to live like they are. However I do feel called to lead Westwood in Advent journeys which explore the mystery of Jesus and reflect honestly (and traditionally) on the arrival of Jesus both as a baby …

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