You stand up in front of everyone and expound. 

Then it comes back, boomerang like, and bites you in the butt. 
I’m often talking about identity. As children of God, Friends, Servants, Temple/Home of Holy Spirit, Royal Siblings of Jesus etc… It flows out of me without much need for preplanning. 

Then this week as we have explored Identity through the Story Formed Way in our embryonic Missional Community through the stories of Adam, Eve, Cain, Abel, Noah, Abraham and Sarah it’s all come home to roost. 

Last week I shared about the possibility that I might be wrong, that I’m a serial mistake maker. 

This week there’s been a little accusing voice, the conversation goes something like this:

Accusation: “You’ve taken over this lovely church, you’re messing with it all. You want to plant lots of small bases and MC’s. What if you do all that and they all shrink instead of grow. Then you’ll be the guy who took a great part of the body f Christ and ruined it.”

Me: “Erm… God tell this voice is nonsense, tell me it’ll be all ok, please!”

Father: “I can’t do that son, why does this matter so much to you?”

Me: “I don’t want to be the guy that… I mean I want to build the Kingdom and advance the church and surely you want that too, right”

Father: “The ends don’t justify the means in the Kingdom, son. You matter infinitely to me, Holy Spirit will usher in the Kingdom through my people and the plan is motion, I’m not worried about that. Why does this matter to you so much?”

Me (eventually): “Because my identity is still caught up in me and my success and what I do.”

Father: “Do you want to do something about that?”

Me: “Yes, Please…”

I’m in the belly of a big fish, wandering the wilderness, waiting in the grave for resurrection morning. This is the pruning season in m life and our churches life. 

I need to take this season seriously and let my identity be confirmed, to do the inner work whilst it’s winter so when it’s time to sow and reap I’ll be fruitful, but more importantly obedient and following His ways, for His glory whatever consequences follow. 

Will you join me in this journey, Westwood Church?