Hey folks,

here are your abridged,  unedited, questions from the two services where I invited questions:

hello! What do you think are the issues/developments affecting the church of England in 2015?

My classmate asked me the question “why does God (or does he) allow innocent people today?”

When considering one’s office; if one were to embark on a pathway they were sure God was directing them and faces major obstacles and opposition at what point does great, determination and out) to become the wrong course of action in continuing to pursue said pathway?

What themes has God been putting on your heart over the last few weeks?

Having come in and known as for the few weeks now, how do you think we as a church can become more Christ-like? Have you observed any blindspots in how we live?

Is it possible to serve God effectively even if you are not the “missionary type”?

Which day do you intend to use is your day off? And are your children aware?

How and why do you read the Bible, and what does it mean for you personally? How do you see your/our relationship wit TOM/3DM/Sheffield?

So, building on the softly when are we getting a high ropes course? Or is there a new plan? Or did you go down the biggest slide at the soft play and were you more scared than the children?

I’m interested in how people here from God. How did you know it was right to move here?

What do you like best about Westwood? What made you leave St saviours? PS we are very very glad to have you!!

If you could have dinner with any disciple who would it be and why?

How important do you think it is that the church tackles the crisis in sex and relationships in our culture and how do we do that?

Would you ever consider growing your beard out more? #Gandalf

which political party has more Christian policies?

If someone hurts others a lot but is influenced by mental disorders will they go to hell?

Who inspires you/is your role model?

What are your current thoughts/dreams about what God wants Coventry and this church to be like?

What is something cool that God has told you about himself recently?

According to scripture what happens when you die.

If “i am the way the truth and the light” no one gets to the Father except through me” but God is “for everyone”-how do you combine those two paradoxical statements?

How is God so powerful?

How would you describe someone wider than the church seats?? Sometimes in the old Testament things like laws to Stoner raped woman to death, or the 300 years of silence reader feel like the actions of the compassionate God. Do you ever have these concerns and how do you overcome them?

What is your understanding on how we are saved by grace – is it anything to do with us?

What are your thoughts on the idea of giving everything away to the poor?

Who are you accountable to?

What is your favourite characteristic of Jesus?

What was a recent Kairos moment for you?

who are your favourite modern day theologians?

Why did you leave the Methodist tradition?

What is the hardest thing you had to tackle in your own walk with God?

What sex?

What’s your favourite life shape and why?

Given price commission “make disciples.. Everywhere”, and not just (or even) to bring people to him – do we need to change or widen our missional and sell priorities?

How can we build relationships with those in other faiths (or no faith)

to what extent do you think some of our missional communities could become church in their own right; contextual for those on the cycling journey. What relationship do you then see this having with the Sunday gathered congregation?

It would take all week to fully answer all these questions. But I hope we will have chance to explore all these and more in the years to come. Some great questions and I love the hearts they come from.