There can be dangers in doing ‘big’ things for God. Pride knocks at the door, thoughts of reward are a temptation, in our activity we need to be focused on Him and not ourselves and our work. Some of my motivation in giving the car was an expectation that God would replace it with something amazing. Here was a short cut to something flash with a virtuous excuse for why we had it and a short cut from the hard work of saving and earning.

We were about to give away our car, we had a few ideas of where to give the car, but God wasn’t giving us any answers to our questions about detail. As the date for giving came closer Caroline had a word: “It will be obvious by the end of the week who to give the car to.” During that week Caroline’s parents had a huge car crash, praise God they were relatively unscathed, but whilst waiting at traffic lights behind a lorry, another lorry came straight into the back of them. The car was written off and the safety features of the car didn’t work as they should, but still they were ‘only’ bruised and battered. Whilst insurance covers the cost of a replacement, anyone who’s been through such a situation knows that it’s rare to come out the other end better off. So when they came up to our house to recuperate (in the hot tub) we gave them the car. It wasn’t easy for them to accept, but due to the back story and plan to give it away anyway, they found it possible to say yes.

Our immediate issue in living without a car (for a day or a year) was the 2.5mile each way commute to the children’s school. With autumn coming in and winter approaching we looked forward with trepidation. Having Caroline’s mum and dad around meant that they took the kids in their new car to school until they went home, which was a nice start. After they went home we took to our bikes. The kids were absolute troopers, the boys cycling hard and fast, with Emmy sat behind one of us on a seat wrapped up against the weather. We had a lovely loan of another bike seat from the Ots so that we could have one on each of our bikes and share the load. We had some awful weather and myriad punctures and it was wearing at times, but the surprising effect was of a happier house. We got up and got on in the mornings, we found more time for our family prayers, we were more focused and exercise helped all of us. There was one late morning due to a puncture and some very slow journey’s home with no time pressure and many punctures. Our bikes were in very good working order, we had planned to get them all overhauled before giving away the car, when we took to Facebook to ask for recommendations for servicing, Dave Leach contacted and said that his youth group (scouts?) were doing some work on bikes and needed some to overhaul, we ended up with them all sorted for free and a new bike for Dan to grow into. More gracious provision.