People are wonderful and generous; this is why we didn’t broadcast our giving away a car to the church. Such a generous group of people would have filled our needs. We didn’t give the car away to become a burden on our family, but to learn to know, trust and follow Daddy God. We didn’t broadcast it, but you can’t control your mother-in-law! On the Sunday that Geoff and Barbara were with us recovering, Barbara happily told a few people in celebration before we managed to communicate our desire for privacy, but it was all fine. We did tell our team so they understood our lateness and lack of speed, though i’m not sure they noticed the difference.

As the bike journeys wore on and the weather worsened we upped our prayers. Caroline had a dream in which she walked up to an ATM and it spat money at her, 7 £20’s and 2 £50’s. We felt that this was a word about provision, that it would mean 7 short term provisions and 2 long term. I was hoping that it meant God giving us two vehicles in the end. We included the kids in the prayers and listening which was fun for the family. The boys were praying for a Jaguar at this point (Caroline for NOT a Jaguar) and a disagreement as to whether Jaguar make a car that works for a family of 5 with all their luggage ensued, culminating in a fun all-male trip to the showroom and after drooling over the F-type the boys proved us wrong in finding a nearly new estate (sorry, ‘sportback’) that would work for us. So that became the focus of their prayers. In November, Elias had a word that either a pink or white Jaguar would come on January 22nd. This was difficult, we wanted encourage Eli, but had no faith or desire for a pink Jag! We were aware that it was potentially his desires rather than truly God, but he has been accurate from time to time when he occasionally deigns to focus.

We end up being blessed with a loan of a car for our half-term holiday, and had a short term loan from 7 different sources between September and Christmas. In the New Year we had the long term lend of a car which was on its way from being sold by one friend to another and was going to be sitting unused in-between. On the specific date of January 22nd we were offered a lovely car, on an extended loan. Fulfilling the dream with 7 short term loans and 2 long term and whilst it wasn’t a white or pink Jaguar it was offered to us on the specific date. We ended up with a car until Easter 2017.     It was a great 6 months of reliance on God and being brought back to our need to rely on Him for all things rather than on ourselves.