Over the next few weeks I want to use this space to reflect on some rhythms of life suggested via Caesar Kalinowski at the Launch weekend in Liverpool I enjoyed and via his books, videos and blogs. 

I’m not a natural listener. I’ve been prone to using the time someone is talking to formulate the next thing I want to say. My voice sounds good to me! Ambition is a driver, one to be overcome/dismantled. The challenge in Caesar K’s discourse to identify as a missionary servant of God’s family is hardest on the servant level. 

In the past you needed to prove yourself to me before commanding my audience. Inherently confident, following only comes naturally with respect and value. Choosing to listen and submit is hard. 

Obviously God, who Good, Gracious, Great and Glorious and has proved himself so repeatedly deserves a listening! 

Yet I still find it hard. 

The first questioning of God in the bible “did God really say…” Is the start of the rot. 

We Christians are often unsure of what and how to speak to God, unsure that we can hear God, what He might say, whether he’d talk to, if he did, he’d correct us and tell us off probably… Right? Wrong.

Caesar K suggest that God loves you and just 10minutes letting him affirm your identity and give you a deeper sense of who you are and have a conversation about what you get to do next might be the best thing for you and the world. 

In Transformed he suggests that we listen backward, reading the bible and asking questions:

What is God  saying to me?

What am I going to do about it?

Who else in my life would benefit from hearing this too? go tell them. 

This is ‘listening backward.’ 

‘Listening forward’ is making time and space to chill out and simply listen to God. 
My life is always better when this rhythm is prominent. So are those of people around me. 

The reasons I fail at it:

1. Over ambitious targets

2. Lack of accountability

3. Trying to do it all alone

4. Pride,I want to control my own life. 
So what next? Community, a group of people to do this with is so key, opening up about my true struggles with it. 

Championing successes and failures as we all step out in this. 

The 2 keys are action and choice. 

Choice: I say I’m too busy, but decide how to use my time. I can make 15 minutes a day, 30 minutes a week. Maybe listening to God will make time more efficient! 

Action: hearing from God without enacting His direction is pointless. When we step out we build faith and start an ever increasing circle of growth. Even if we mishear and do something silly, we can go back to God and talk about it. It’s about relationship not success. God cares about the heart, more than the actions. We can’t earn His love, we have it already. 

Some of these rhythms are the statement of the bloomin’ obvious. 

Yet could you confidently hand on heart deckRe that you and more than 50% of your church do this more often than not. Maybe we need to go back to basics…